Story Board and Aspect Ratio Task.

Includes 100 word assignment and a task that can be carried out in

class as a group discussion.

Designed to make students think about layout and and finished product.

Introduction to 3D story Boarding using tools such as Sketchup

Illumination Sources Task.

This task requires that the student researches various illumination sources for film making.

Some of the items are deliberately doubled but labeled differently and other are items with variable outcomes. This makes them look a little deeper and gives the students problems to solve with realizing it.

The outcome does not have to be a completed form for it to be successful. Even if the student  only attempt a couple of items they learn something about light sources. It is a good way to open up the world of illumination.

The soft copy contains hotlinks to various sites.

You may want to change these links of they are not suitable or have become dead links.

Australian Cinematographers – History Task

This is a simple task. Students are asked to research a list of Australian Cinematographers and list one of their films.

Students are also asked to view  at least one film.

This is a good project that installs an understanding of the depth of the Australian Film Industry.

there are some web links on this project but are not live links on the document.

Studio photography

Large Groups welcome

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